Referral Contest began on August 15 and ends on September 15
The prizes will be credited to the winners once the contest ends.
1st earn 500.000 points
2nd earn 450.000 points
3rd earn 400.000 points
4th earn 350.000 points
5th earn 300.000 points
6th earn 250.000 points
7th earn 200.000 points
8th earn 150.000 points
9th earn 100.000 points
10th earn 50.000 points
Below is the rank of top 10 placed in this monthly referral contest. Check your position.
pablo get 218 referrals
rendel get 166 referrals
skristian20 get 65 referrals
juanhector get 65 referrals
captionmind get 63 referrals
maxzaza125879 get 56 referrals
andr3y get 47 referrals
jeffhsu0908 get 47 referrals
miyue999 get 45 referrals
romanmerk get 45 referrals
Below is the the last winners of the referral contest.
rendel get 1327 referrals
pablo get 622 referrals
shanks get 180 referrals
gagafunia get 165 referrals
andr3y get 148 referrals
jeffhsu0908 get 122 referrals
bestearn555 get 100 referrals
revptcbiz get 100 referrals
megatron get 100 referrals
mourad051 get 100 referrals