Privacy Policy
Effective Date: June 10, 2017

This document establishes the privacy policies of RaisePoints Company, as well as its compliance with specific national and international jurisdictions (including the privacy regulations and laws thereof).

The publication of this document rescinds all previous privacy policies – implied, spoken or written – and establishes.

Information Collected

All Users must provide the personally identifiable information requested in the sign-up or similar form in order to join RaisePoints. Users may be required to provide subsequent demographic information in order to Signup and/or qualify for other promotions.

To participate in certain activities or to enjoy certain functionalities, you must also agree to and permit certain tracking and automated information collection practices as described in this Privacy Policy.

Means of Collection

Users may join RaisePoints by completing one of our signup forms, through Co-Registration, or other means as we may determine at any time in the future. Information is collected by RaisePoints through a variety of methods, including: information the Member provides by filling out a form or submitting information through some other method; information that is collected through technological methods, such as “Cookies” or similar tracking technologies including geo-tracking; information received from third parties, for example if you complete a survey, the survey-company may inform us that you completed the survey. We also automatically collect, and may share with third parties, unique device identification numbers, as well as information about the type (brand / model) of device you use to access the Service Platform.

RaisePoints also includes multiple third party SDK’s within the Service Platform for multiple purposes, including to track which Members complete certain activities. Cookies and other recording, monitoring and tracking technologies, including persistent identifiers that may be placed on your computer, or other technologies including geo-tracking, are collectively referred to as “Cookies and Recording Tools.”

About Cookies and Third Party Technology

A “cookie” is a small data file that may be saved to and stored on your computer when you visit a website or similar technology or open an email. Cookies permit a website or similar technology operator to “remember” whether your computer has visited the website, tool or service before and helps the operator create a more personalized experience for you and records activities taken by you, such as offers completed. (In all cases in this Privacy Policy, the word “computer” includes all forms and styles of computing technologies including but not limited to desktop computers, laptop computers, tablet devices, smart-phones, other mobile or wearable computing technology.)

In addition to cookie technology, RaisePoints and our Advertisers use additional third party technology and tracking tools to record offers and activities completed by you, friends referred by you, and to communicate information about you, such as demographic information (e.g., age, gender), in order to target offers and advertisements to specific groups as requested by Advertisers.

User Recognition

After a User has logged into the RaisePoints Member’s Section, Cookies and Recording Tools are used to remember their Username and Password so they do not need to be entered during every visit to the Service Platform. Users can logout of the Member’s Section if they do not wish to have this information saved.

Privacy Support

Enquiries or concerns about the RaisePoints privacy policy can be directed to our support.